In 2013, it became clear to me that Action Cams were a category poised for growth. The time was right to build a website.

After reviewing various action cams, I started to develop a genuine interest in and passion for not just action cameras, but photography in general.

I decided to start reviewing other products, like DSLR cams, as I built out my Action Cam comparison as well.

2 years after first starting, I’m happy with what this site has grown into. But there is still a long way to go…

I plan to spend 2015 building out my camera reviews as well as interviewing people the people I know in media who I think are doing interesting things.

Before I sign off, a quick note about money- if you click a link to Amazon on this site and buy a product, I will get a percentage of the money you spend there. This does NOT make your purchase more expensive.

If you have found the reviews on this site helpful and want to support its growth, I would definitely appreciate you “buying me a coffee” buy purchasing your product through one of the links on the website.

Stay tuned for reviews, interviews, and more.

Onwards and Upwards,