We'll be the first to admit it- we are partial to GoPros. And if you are looking for the best action cam on the market, there probably isn't a better choice than the GoPro HERO 3+ or 4 for a first time action cam owner.

That said, while GoPro is a category leader, they are far from the only manufacturer of quality action cams. It's an explosive category and there are a number of other options in the market which we'll explore in this article.

No matter what your needs are, we hope that this article serves to point you in the right direction.

There is, however, something you should consider. There is really no single best action camera. What best fits for you might not be for someone else as needs inevitably differ. We've taken care of that though. Whether you're on a budget, looking for a camera for some underwater shots, or just looking around, we've got a list of the best action cameras in all the categories you could imagine.

The All-Rounder

​GoPro Hero 4

This is really no surprise. GoPro currently holds more than 80% of the action cam market, and for good reason. The GoPro 4's features make it dominate over any other action cameras in it's league; in fact, it is fairly safe to say that the GoPro 4 has created a whole new league of its own. It's simply unmatchable, with it's closest competitors a long way off from achieving the specs it offers.

One can almost feel sorry for GoPro's competitors, or should we say ex-competitors, as one explores the camera's brilliant video quality. The GoPro Hero 4 Black delivers an impressive 4000p at 30fps; most action cams don't even go that high. It also allows for 1080p clips to be shot at 120fps, double the frames per second of its nearest competitor.

best action camera

GoPro Hero4 Specs

Max Video Resolution

4k at 30fps

Max Picture Resolution (megapixels)

​12 MP

Max Frames per Second (fps)


Max fps at 1080p


Max fps at 720p


Max HD Field of View (degrees)


Battery Life (minutes)


Waterproof Depth (feet)


Shock Resistant


Preview Screen


Interchangeable Battery




Time-Lapse Capability


GoPro's already known for delivering the best user interface in the action cam industry but with the Hero 4 they've gone even further. The built in Wifi is now augmented with very easy-to-use buttons which make shooting even more of a pleasure. There's a button which allows you to place a 'Highlight Tag' while shooting, thus helping you cut down on the time you take to find the best clips from your shoot. The menus are also remarkably easy to use, making this camera perfect for both beginners and experts. 

​Added to all this is the camera's extraordinary durability and it's waterproof casing which allows you to shoot at depths of up to 131 feet. The camera is also very light making it a perfect camera for athletes and swimmers. All in all, this is the camera you should buy if you want the best, for rest assured you shall get nothing less than it.