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An Interview With Brian Kleiber

Who is Brian Kleiber? It depends on the day…I’m a bit of a renaissance man, always trying to learn something new and keep things fresh. I’ll always love skateboarding, cycling, cameras and animals though. Anyway, I’m 27 years old and from New Jersey. I lived in Vermont

An Interview With Theo Paul

Who is Theo Paul? I’m from Brazil, 27, and I am an adventurous traveler specializing in art photography and videography. I started to travel when I was 16 years old when my mom sent me to Russia to learn the language. Since that time I realized that

An Interview With Steve Peer of Phottix

What is Phottix and what do you do there? Phottix is a photographic lighting company. We develop and manufacture photographic electronic and lighting solution. We are best known for our line-up of flash triggers and our TTL Studio Light – the Phottix Indra500 TTL. As CEO I

And now for something different: The Big Trumpowski!!!

We decided to take a break from reviewing cameras and do something a little bit different. Mostly we did this to preserve our sanity- with Donald Trump gaining traction with each blusterous remark he makes, we couldn’t help but ask: Is Trump modelling himself after Walter Sobchak Protection Status