Canon Rebel T5i Review: The Best Entry Level DSLR Out

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The Canon Rebel T5i or the 700D is an entry level APS-C CMOS sensor powered DSLR. It replaces the short-lived Rebel T4i also known as the 650D. Many of the specs of the two cameras are almost identical. Look-wise too there are hardly any major changes. Many of the features that we had seen with the T4i have been retained with the Rebel T5i. Let’s take a closer look at its main features:

Our Verdict: Is the Rebel T5 Worth It?

Yes! Get this instead of a T5, unless you are strapped for cash or already have a T4i. To view why exactly the T5i is better than the T5, click here.

Product Highlights

  • 18 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC 5 image processing engine
  • Full HD video recording at 30 fps
  • 3” 1.04 million dot vari-angle touchscreen
  • 9-point all cross-type AF system with center cross-type and Hybrid CMOS AF
  • A native ISO of 12800
  • Burst speed of 5 fps
  • 63-zone dual-layer metering system

Build Quality

The Rebel T5i is an entry level DSLR powered by an APS-C CMOS sensor. Build quality of entry level cameras such as this is flimsy. This doesn't mean that it can't take the odd knock or bruise, but it is not going to have the same build quality as a pro-level camera. Which honestly, you might not need. The one thing we really wish the T5i did have for the amateur photographer is weather sealing. It doesn't, and this means the T5i is not the best camera for bad weather.

Image Sensor and Processor

The Rebel T5i replaces the short-lived older T4i. Many of the features on the older T4i have remained unchanged, including the megapixel count of the sensor. It is the same old 18 megapixel sensor that should allow you to create a high quality 11 x 8” print quite easily. Underneath the hood the DIGIC 5 image processing engine provides for faster continuous shooting speeds and better low light performance.


The T5i has a 9-point all cross-type AF system that has been borrowed from the 60. The center point is an f/2.8 dual cross-type. For those who love the focus and recompose technique the center point is your best bet for difficult lighting conditions.

One of the biggest USPs of the Rebel T5i is the Hybrid CMOS AF system. This AF system has a few dedicated phase-detection pixels on them which improve the overall AF tracking performance. But above all this system now provides continuous auto-focusing while recording videos.
The reason this is named a Hybrid is because it uses both phase detection and contrast detection mechanisms to lock focus. Dedicated phase detection pixels bring AF performance close to a ball-park accuracy, then the more accurate (and slower) contrast detection AF system takes over. This is where auto-focusing is refined.

Video Shooting

The Rebel T5i is capable of shooting full HD movies at 30 fps, and you have the option to shoot at a more cinematic 24 fps. In 720p HD mode you can shoot at 60 fps for smoother slow-mo effects. The camera comes with a Movie Servo feature that allows for continuous auto-focusing even while shooting videos. A great feature of the T5i is that you can simultaneously record video and still images by pressing the shutter button while in the middle of recording a video.

The T5i comes with a stereo microphone that allows you to record stereo sound. You can also do manual sound level adjustment of the video being recorded. Auto ISO in video mode is 100-6400.

Continuous Shooting Speed

The Rebel T5i can shoot at a continuous burst speed of 5 fps. To be honest, even if you are willing to use the smaller sensor camera to take advantage of its cropped sensor and thereby giving an extended view with tele-lenses, the slow continuous burst speed is a damper.

Viewfinder and Rear LCD screen

Viewfinders of cheaper entry level DSLRs are almost invariably made of mirrors and the Rebel T5i is no exception, which has a viewfinder made out of a pentamirror. This is both lighter than pentaprisms and darker when looked through. The viewfinder gives only a cropped view of what the lens sees (95%). Thus, you have to be careful about the elements that are on the fringes of your frame. For more accurate composition use the rear LCD screen which gives 100% coverage.

The rear LCD screen of the Rebel T5i is a vari-angle touchscreen which allows not only review of the images that you have shot but also assists in precise composition and focusing. The touch to focus feature is an exciting option to have, especially for photographers who love composing using the larger LCD screen. But beyond that the rear LCD screen with its swiveling properties comes handy when you are shooting over the head of a crowd or creeping down to capture something crawling on the floor.

A feature of the live-view function of the Rebel T5i is its creative filter effects can be seen in real-time. The Rebel T5i comes with several of them including – Grainy Monochrome, Soft Focus, Fisheye, Toy Camera, Water painting, Art Bold as well as a Miniature effect that mimics the results obtained by tilt-shift lenses.

Storage and Battery

The T5i can use older SD, and the latest SDHC and SDXC cards for storing photos. There is a single SD card slot in the camera.

The T5i is powered by the same LP-E8 rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack as the outgoing T4i.


The new kit lens encompasses Canon’s Stepping Motor auto-focusing technology. It is a slightly slower than the normal ring-type auto-focusing lenses but the smoothness of the performance kind of works for doing video work.


The Cam Critic proclaims the Rebel T5i to be a great camera. No mistake about it. Everything that you expect out of a budget DSLR barring may be Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC, you get with the T5i. It has a good senor resolution, excellent low light performance, decent continuous speed, video shooting capabilities and excellent auto-focusing technology.

However, if you already have the T4i and is looking to upgrade the T5i does not make sense. If you are looking for a new camera, this is a good body to go for and you will have some space money to pair it with a good prime lens. If you are looking for better controls, then invest in a better camera like the 80D due to be shipped shortly.


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