JVC ADIXXION 2 GC-XA2 Review: A High-Quality Accident-Proof Camera

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The Adixxion GC-XA2 is JVC's second foray into the action camera market and it brings with it some much-needed improvements. Using the same sturdy design as its predecessor, the GC-XA2 offers smooth high-definition video with some unique features to boot.

The Good

  • Unbreakable: waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and freezeproof
  • 1.5 inch LCD makes it easy to preview and review shots
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

The Bad

  • Suffers the same audio problems as most other action cameras
  • Very few accessories included
  • Controls can be difficult to press due to the camera's waterproofing

The Verdict

The GC-XA2 is a solid successor and will satisfy the needs of most action photographers. It may not be professional grade, but it's strong enough to take with you into the middle of the action.

Tech Specs

Image Quality

16 MP, max 1080p @ 60fps

Audio Quality

Above average

Battery Life

125 minutes (approx)

Wifi and Bluetooth


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Design and Hardware

The GC-XA2 has a distinctive style that can only be attributed to JVC. The dark grey, angled features of the GC-XA2 make it look like a shrunken VHS camcorder. That's not to say this camera isn't modern: at nearly 3 inches long, slightly over 2 inches high, 1.5 inches wide, and weighing 4.4 ounces, it has some pretty decent portability. The camera is waterproof up to 5 meters and shockproof up to 2 meters, making it more resistant out-of-the-box than most other action cams on the market.

The GC-XA2 has a built-in 1.5 inch LCD screen controlled by two rubber buttons near the top of the camera. The camera features two additional buttons for power and recording. A hatch on the back gives way to the removable battery, mini-USB and mini-HDMI ports, and a microSD card slot.

Image and Video Quality

The GC-XA2 captures high speed 60fps at 1080p. The frame rate doubles for 720p video, letting you take high quality slow motion video. Other supported resolutions include 960p and WVGA. The camera's sensor, a 1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor, records 8 megapixel (MP) video that can be illuminated in low-light conditions. For still images, the camera is capable of taking 16 MP pictures in burst mode up to 15fps, in time lapse mode between intervals of 0.2 and 60 seconds, or simultaneously with video.

The video quality is above average with images appearing sharp and vivid. Colors are less saturated and more true to nature than other cameras, and the camera adjusts well to changes in lighting. The camera also features presets such as vivid, sepia, or negative, which can be changed on the fly. While the GC-XA2 uses digital image stabilization, too much shaking can result in jarring video.

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Battery Life and Performance

The GC-XA2 doesn't offer much in the way of battery life. When recording WVGA or 30fps 720p video, the GC-XA2's battery lasts a little over 2 hours on a full charge. Recording 60fps 1080p will give you a little under an hour and a half. Luckily the batteries are replaceable, so you can swap a dead one for a new one if you're not able to charge.

In all, the camera does an excellent job of recording smooth high-definition video. With its waterproof and shockproof case, this camera is capable on almost any terrain and in almost any condition.

Other Features and Accessories

An interesting feature that you won't find on many action cameras is a full size SD slot. This comes in handy when using the camera's continuous recording feature, which records until the SD card is full before overwriting older footage. The built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to control and monitor the GC-XA2 remotely from a smartphone or tablet, or even upload footage directly to social media or video streaming sites. JVC also includes the Quad View feature which allows you to control up to four GC-XA2 cameras simultaneously.

Unlike some of its competitors, the GC-XA2 doesn't come with many accessories out of the box. JVC offers a plethora of additional mounting options including handle bar mounts, suction cup mounts. goggle mounts, and chest mounts. An external case even lets the GC-XA2 dive to depths of 40 meters.

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JVC's made a strong entry into the action camera market with the GC-XA1. The GC-XA2's managed to take the same durable design and add new features including 60fps high definition video, an improved camera, and simultaneous control for up to 4 cameras. The sturdy design of the GC-XA2 makes it perfect for photographers who don't want to worry about dropping or soaking their cameras.

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